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Ancient history comes alive in Athens, the capital of Greece. Gaze in wonder at the Acropolis and its iconic crown, the Parthenon. Take a deeper dive into the past and visit both the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum, which house fascinating artifacts from this ancient city.

With influences Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman, Athens contains multitudes. The city's architecture and cuisine reflect these influences in a most elegant way. It's not all antiquity, though – Athens still exhibits a modern cool, with eye-catching street art, nightlife and music festivals beckoning new generations.

A lively energy is afoot at the Agora-Athens Central Market, where locals shop, and visitors find amazing, reasonably priced meals. A stroll through the Plaka, Athens' oldest neighborhood, is also a must for shopping and eating at outdoor restaurants.

Visit Athens between March and May, and from September to November, as the weather is comfortable and there are thinner crowds. You will also find that hotels and flights are a bit easier to reserve.

Learn More About Athens

Set atop the high hill of the Acropolis and dating back to the 5th century, this is the most significant surviving structure of Ancient Greece.

Acropolis Museum
Visitors can learn about all the discoveries of the archaeological site of the Acropolis. The museum holds various wonders, dating back to the Bronze Age and Roman and Byzantine Greece.

Winding streets, neoclassical architecture and tavernas define this Athens historical neighborhood.

Temple of Olympian Zeus
Standing in the center of Athens, this striking temple was built for Zeus and its history includes a barbarian pillaging in 267 AD.

Panathenaic Stadium
This major historic attraction is the world's only stadium made completely of marble. It was the site of the opening and closing of the first modern Olympics back in 1896, and is used as the end point for the yearly Athens Classic Marathon.
Celebrated the first Sunday before Lent, the lead-up to Apokries is three weeks of carnivals. Parades, costume balls, and other events are all part of the experience.

Athens Festival
From mid-June to Mid-September, visitors can experience one of the most popular cultural events in Athens. Opera, classical music, jazz, ballet, and ancient theatre are all part of this festival, typically performed on the slopes of the Acropolis.

Independence Day and Evangelismos
This March 25 national holiday marking the revolt against the Ottoman Empire in 1821 includes dances and parades.

August Full Moon Festival
The brightest moon of the year (check for exact date) is feted with several events each August. Many historical sites are open all night. To witness the moon hanging low over Athens' landmarks is truly a sight to behold!